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Making Dallas Even Better

  • pepper_smash_cocktail


    The Pepper Smash

    The Pepper Smash is a mix of Tito’s vodka, basil, bell pepper, jalapeño, agave, onion, and lime juice. It’s fresh, bright, a little sweet, a little spicy, and tastes kind of like all the best parts of a salad.

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  • levu_discotheque_belvedere_vodka.jpg


    Belvedere Vodka

    A bottle of Belvedere Vodka with a sparkler in the top brought to your table by an attractive young woman wearing impossibly high heels. She might even flirt for a minute if you’re lucky.

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  • eight_11_place_pinot_noir


    Left Coast White Pinot Noir

    The Left Coast White Pinot Noir is nicknamed “The Unicorn” because it’s so rare. The bartender explained that it’s somewhere between a red and white wine, as evidenced by its slight blush. It’s crisp and sweet—definitely a rarity worth savoring.

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  • vagabond_red_jacket_cocktail


    Red Jacket

    I wanted something delicious but not too sweet. Our waitress recommended the Red Jacket (probably a nod to the now-closed Greenville club of the same name), a blend of champagne, strawberry, vodka, and thyme. It’s an aromatic, fizzy concoction that packs plenty of punch.

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  • midnight_rambler_savory_hunter


    The Savory Hunter

    If you only try one drink at this cocktail paradise, make it the Savory Hunter (lemongrass- and kaffir-infused gin, lime, coconut, cilantro, Thai chile). It’s smooth, with the vague aftertaste of Thai food (in a good way).

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  • cold_beer_company_peticolas_golden_opportunity


    Peticolas Golden Opportunity

    A golden ale brewed in the Design District. With its low ABV (4.6 percent), it’s perfect to sip while meeting new folks. You’ll mellow out but keep your wits about you.

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  • the_wild_turkey_italian_apple_shot


    Italian Apple

    Having Wild Turkey at The Wild Turkey was too obvious, so I told the bartender I needed something fun. Fortunately, she’d recently perfected the Italian Apple shot. This mix of Tuaca vanilla liqueur, Pucker sour apple liqueur, and cranberry juice was tasty, but not black-out strong. I sipped mine with delicious ease.

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  • green_door_public_house_sloe_gin_fizz


    Sloe Gin Fizz

    Some friends and I once spent a night searching for the perfect gin fizz. No bartender could make one. This Sloe Gin Fizz made up for that disappointment. Plymouth Sloe Gin, Hendrick’s Gin, lemon juice, simple syrup, and soda combine for a delicious concoction. Other bars, take note.

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  • driftwood_forbidden_beer


    The Forbidden Beer

    If you’ve never had absinthe before, try a cocktail first to get a sense of the flavor. The Forbidden Beer is a palatable mix of Tenneyson absinthe, Abita root beer, and fresh mint. The result is so sweet and enjoyable that you’ll hardly notice the licorice sting.

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  • 13_the_londoner_beltex.jpg


    The Beltex

    When I fell in love with two very different beers, my kind bartender was happy to serve them together. To create the “Beltex,” he poured the light, aromatic flavor of the sweet Blanche de Bruxelles over a dark stout (such as Martin House Brewing Company’s Texas Pretzel Stout).

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  • Have_It_Your_Way_01.jpg


    Jethro’s Happiness

    If I chose a single drink, you’d miss out on the Bowen House experience. Walk in with an idea of what you like, and let the bartender take it from there. Still need guidance? An infusion is a good starting point. I thoroughly enjoyed my summery wild berry gin. Pictured: Jethro’s Happiness (peach-infused bourbon with egg whites and Bénédictine).

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  • lake_house_bar_grill_cocktail_sunshine


    The Sunshine

    The Sunshine could be a poolside vacation drink, or at least a little spot of sun on a dull day. Grey Goose orange vodka, triple sec, fresh orange and lemon juices, soda, 7-Up, and simple syrup combine for a cocktail that’s sweet, fun, and potent (not necessarily in that order).

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  • Pineapple-bomb

    Pineapple Bomb
    This is a mason jar full of perfect rustic sunshine. (Caution: according to the waitress, the potent moonshine is a "neutral-flavored spirit" and will absorb the tropical flavors of the drink. Meaning: you'll be pineapple-bombed before you know it.)

  • urban_rio_cocktail


    Guava Habanero
    Cazadores Reposado tequila, guava, habanero pepper, lime juice

    Obviously, any place with a bathtub-size margarita is worth its salt (sorry!). But for an interesting taste-bud trip, try the Guava Habanero cocktail. It’s a sweet drink that tastes like a fun tropical getaway (i.e., the guava) with a slight punch (i.e., the habanero). Kind of like our last family vacation.

  • strangeways_mezcal


    Mezcal Old Fashioned
    Mezcal (either Chichicapa or Vida), orange rind, cherries (prepared and canned in-house), cherry bitters

    It is difficult to pinpoint Strangeways’ best beverage. Bartender Rosie recommended a Mezcal Old Fashioned. It came oaky, strong, and deliciously unique. (If mezcal isn’t your thing, fear not—the bartender will happily make a one-of-a-kind libation based on your personal preferences.)

  • 12_vodka_jalapeno_drink.jpg

    BISTRO 31

    The Picantitos
    Tito’s vodka, jalapeño, lemon/lime soda, basil leaves

    I was wary of jalapeño as an ingredient—I don’t like cocktails that make me cry—but my concern was misplaced. On a spiciness scale of 1 to 5, my friend suggested a 2.5, and the drink turned out beautifully: sweet, refreshing, crisp. And no tissues required.

  • 11_jameson_ginger_drink.jpg


    Jamie & Ginger
    Jameson and ginger ale

    Lee Harvey’s is about shots, beer, and Jameson. “Jameson epitomizes this place,” says bartender Jacki. “It sets the tone.” If you can’t stomach it straight, Jacki recommends a blend of Jameson and ginger ale. She mixed mine and sampled it before pushing it over. Strong, refreshing, and just divey enough.

  • 10_baileys_coffee_drink.jpg


    Frozen Irish Coffee
    Baileys Irish Cream, Community Coffee, cream

    It comes frothy like a milkshake and sprinkled with coffee grounds. Requesting extra shots (Baileys or Jameson) is encouraged. Down a few of these, and you’ll gain a pleasant buzz and a serious energy boost.

  • 09_imperial_red_ale_drink.jpg


    Velvet Hammer
    Imperial red ale

    Peticolas’ refreshing ruby-hued brew is a perfect balance of sweetness and hoppiness, and I’m not the only one who thinks so. More to love: the Velvet Hammer’s 9 percent alcohol content. (Careful, it’ll sneak up on you.)

  • 08_gin_beer_drink.jpg


    Ransom Mule
    Old Tom Gin from Ransom, lime juice, ginger beer

    SODA Bar’s Ransom Mule arrived pink-peach and foamy, the kind of drink you start sipping and then wonder how it disappeared so fast. Bartender Robert added mint bitters to mine, and the result was a cool, delicious taste. It’s worth noting that the Ransom Mule is named for its key component, a gin produced by an Oregon wine and spirits company called Ransom Wines & Spirits.

  • 07_germain_elderflower_drink.jpg


    Improved 60/40
    St. Germain elderflower liqueur, Averna amaro, Ford’s gin, lemon juice, Marasca cherry, rosemary stem

    Word on the internet is that the original 60/40 was created at New Orleans’ Tales of the Cocktail festival using the only two ingredients left over: Averna and elderflower liqueur. Outpost’s upgraded version doesn’t disappoint. It will remind you of the sweet iced tea your mom used to make over summer vacation. But with three different kinds of alcohol.

  • 06_champagne_gin_drink.jpg


    Sweet Jackie
    Champagne, gin, triple sec, lemon juice, Grenadine, orange liqueur

    Bartender Joe Buenrostro learned his trade at the San Francisco Rose. Though the Kennedy Room looks like it was made for Manhattans, there are other choices: the Moonwalk, for example, or the French 75. But Joe’s Sweet Jackie is the drink of the house. It had a clean taste that made me wish I was summering on Nantucket.

  • 05_bourbon_rum_drink.jpg


    The Shipwreck
    Of all the drinks Yeefoon made for us, this was my favorite. Maybe I liked it because I like brown liquors and citrus and angostura bitters. Maybe I liked it because someone in our group talked about going to a beach in Mexico. Or maybe I liked it because the cocktail was just really good.

  • 04_whisky_vermouth_drink.jpg


    The Woody Manhattan
    Maker’s Mark, sweet vermouth, Angostura bitters, and “lots of self-effacing dialogue”

    Ah, I do appreciate cleverness. The drink’s pretty good, too. The cocktail menu changes. We were there as the Moscow Mule was evolving and found ourselves loving the version with ginger beer instead of ginger syrup. New drinks are made for, and inspired by, some of the movies being shown. Be sure to ask if there’s a cocktail that should be paired with the movie you’ve come to see.

  • 03_vodka_coconut_rum_drink.jpg


    5 O’Clock Somewhere
    Absolut vanilla vodka, Malibu Coconut rum, cranberry, pineapple, rimmed with shaved coconut

    The Stone Street space feels good and grown-up. And its grown-up drinks menu has a few bright spots, one of which is the 5 o’Clock Somewhere. Sure, the Beaten Path (essentially a bourbon, basil, and sweet tea cocktail) tastes better, but the Jimmy Buffett sweet of the 5 o’Clock Somewhere was more fun to drink. Especially while listening to the late-night indie-pop music and flirting with my husband.

  • 02_ale_spiced_drink.jpg


    Peticolas Wintervention
    local ale spiced with cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, and ginger

    Husband and wife Kevin Afghani and Cathrine Kinslow, who are both practicing patent attorneys, own Craft and Growler. They’re former investors in Deep Ellum Brewing Co. and friends with a number of the folks involved in the beer scene, so they get good local kegs. The wildly popular Wintervention is a locally made, full-bodied ale spiced with nutmeg, cinnamon, allspice, and ginger from a local spice purveyor called Pendery’s.

  • 01_jameson_pickle_drink.jpg


    The Jameson Pickleback
    a shot of Jameson, followed by a shot of pickle juice

    At our bartender’s suggestion, my friend tried the tequila pickleback; he loved the tequila shot but didn’t finish his pickle juice shot (the “back”). Internet lore has it that the pickleback originated in 2006 with a lady asking for some pickle juice that was behind a bar in Brooklyn. And so the Jameson Pickleback was born. The Union Park owners had the shot in Austin—where it’s all the rage—and it can be yours for $8.