D Magazine November 2015

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D Magazine November 2015

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The Untold Story of Susan Hawk
She had always dreamed about being Dallas County district attorney. But as her career took off, her personal life was falling apart—divorce, pain pills, thoughts of suicide. After two months of treatment, she says she’s ready once again to serve. Is she up to the job? Full Story


  • Politics and Your Money

    With the presidential election approaching, how should you protect your piggy bank?

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  • 6 Favorite Holiday Recipes

    Dallas chefs on their culinary traditions.

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  • The Scapegoat

    As a producer for 60 Minutes, Mary Mapes broke news that helped shaped history. Then came a controversial story about the military records of George W. Bush. CBS fired her. Now a new movie about her life offers Mapes a shot at redemption.

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