When Kaci Lyford decided to open Patina Green Home and Market with her husband and mother, there was something alluring about McKinney. That was four years ago this month, but she quickly became one of the area’s biggest fans. Downtown McKinney is one of the oldest historic downtowns in Texas, boasting some 100 independently owned stores, not to mention the dozen or so restaurants. Patina Green combines the two, offering a breakfast and lunch menu that changes daily alongside a farmers market and vintage home pieces. “We’re buying them because we love the history, we love how they’re made,” Lyford says. “Things that have a story, a soul.” That same mantra applies to her favorite haunts, many of which are detailed below. All are located on the downtown square.

shop_gray_living Gray Living's Randal Weeks photo by Elizabeth Lavin

Gray Living
Owner Randal Weeks mixes European antiques with luxurious, original pieces. “He’s got really great style,” Lyford says.

shop_nan_lee Julie Cohn sterling silver fan coral cuff, $995 from Nan Lee

Cotton Hearts
A self-proclaimed “quaint boutique” on the square, this women’s clothing stop specializes in designer finds of the laid-back, boho variety. If Lyford could, she’d make this shop her closet.

Nan Lee Jewelry
Housed within a 150-year-old restored building, this jewelry shop celebrates local and global designers alike with a carefully curated selection. 

Missing Q Press
All of the paper products produced in this shop are hand-printed on a vintage letterpress, and the results are stunning. When the machines are running, Lyford describes the atmosphere as a bit like Willy Wonka’s factory. In the best way.

shop_chase_hall Chase Hall

shop_Fair_And_Square Fair & Square Imports photo by Joshua Martin

Chase Hall
Lissa and Terry Rogers stock their shop full of traditional European antiques from their frequent scouting trips abroad. “The owners have really good, high-quality taste,” Lyford says. “There’s a lot of history there.”

The Smitten Flea
A mix of new and old, Lyford frequents this tiny boutique for vintage linens, antique books, and ribbons.

Fair & Square Imports
Indiana transplants Kate and Andrew Jones opened Fair & Square in 2012, selling handmade items from more than 40 countries. Products range from jewelry and home decor to instruments and food items. 

My Favorite Room
The retail arm of KBM Designs’ interior design business, My Favorite Room oozes femininity and romance, with lots of lace and ruffles, stocking beautiful linens, bedding, and one-of-a-kind pieces.

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