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Making Dallas Even Better

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    In 2006, Ashley Pittman traveled to Rwanda as a volunteer with the Clinton Foundation HIV/AIDS Initiative and fell in love with the people and the culture. It changed everything for her.

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    “I got this idea that the best way for me to effect change in the area and allow people to pull themselves out of poverty was to create jobs for them,” the Dallas native says.

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    Pittman now travels to Africa four times a year, where she meets with artisans and finds inspiration for new jewelry designs and her own personal look. “African women have good style,” Pittman says.

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    “They stack jewelry and bangles, and I’ve learned a lot from them on how to layer and have a little less structure when it comes to my style. I think that when you stack and layer things without discretion, everything looks more organic.”

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    Since she’s constantly traveling, Pittman stocks her closet with pieces that wear well on the go. “I definitely dress for comfort, and I like to play with mixing different textures and silhouettes,” she says.