Behind The Scenes: Fashion For A Passion 2015

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Making Dallas Even Better

  • ATG 6.jpg

    Detail of Sukan Jewelry worn with Nikki Li linen trimmed dress.

  • ATG 14.jpg

    Models lined up in Danh Ta.

  • ATG 2.jpg

    Backstage at Against The Grain 2015.

  • ATG 7.jpg

    Details of Sukan Jewelry matched with Nikki Li.

  • ATG 1.jpg

    JOLYNN Kids dresses backstage.

  • ATG 17.jpg

    First look from Mysterious by NPN.

  • ATG 11.jpg

    Laser cut gown backstage from Becky Hollands.

  • ATG 19.jpg

    Beautiful red sheer look from Mysterious by NPN.

  • ATG 5.jpg

    Models congregating backstage in first looks.

  • ATG 4.jpg

    Little models wearing looks from JOLYNN Kids.

  • ATG 16.jpg

    Close-up of Mysterious by NPN.

  • ATG 13.jpg

    Black dress from Becky Hollands.

  • ATG 10.jpg

    First looks with Nikki Li.

  • ATG 3.jpg

    Backstage look from JOLYNN Kids.

  • ATG 9.jpg

    Sculptural shapes backstage.

  • ATG 12.jpg

    Backstage beauty.

  • ATG 18.jpg

    First looks backstage with Mysterious by NPN.

  • ATG 15.jpg

    Beautiful textiles from Mysterious by NPN.

  • ATG 8.jpg

    Sheer look backstage from Nikki Li.