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Making Dallas Even Better

The 10 Most Beautiful Women in Dallas

How We Picked the Finalists:

We solicited nominations through, plus we threw in our own candidates. After looking through hundreds of nominations, the D Magazine editors narrowed down the pool to 25 semi-finalists. We brought them in for face-to-face interviews, then narrowed down the list to the 20 finalists you see here.

Meet the 10 Most Beautiful Women in Dallas

As featured in the December 2009 issue of D Magazine

Video From the Interview

Merlene Phillips

Name: Merlene Phillips
Age: 42
Occupation: Nutritionist

Why She’s a Finalist: This mother of three has a lofty goal: she’d like to end child obesity. She has a successful business that allows her to counsel people who have serious issues with food—whether that means a teenager battling an eating disorder or a fortysomething who is about to have gastric bypass surgery. Phillips practices what she preaches; she works out regularly and makes smart choices when she dines out. In her spare time, Phillips hangs out with her sons (ranging in age from 9 to 25), shops at Stanley Korshak, and goes to the movies. She works with the Cooper Clinic, and she and her ex-husband have been huge supporters of Big Brothers Big Sisters through the years. When asked what makes Dallas so great, the Iowa native doesn’t hesitate: “The people.”