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Making Dallas Even Better

Behold the lovely ladies in the running to be named the 10 Most Beautiful Women in Dallas. Your votes will determine which of them are featured in the December 2013 issue of D Magazine. For four straight weeks, beginning Aug. 19, we’ll introduce you to five of our semifinalists for the honor. You’ll vote once a day, every day for your favorite. Two women will be eliminated each week until we’re left with 12 finalists. Then one last week of voting will pick the top 10. Just remember to check in every day through Sept. 23 to keep up with the contest and support your favorites.

How We Picked the Semifinalists:

We solicited nominations through, plus we threw in our own candidates. After looking through hundreds of nominations, and interviewing dozens of women, D Magazine editors narrowed the pool down to 20 semifinalists.

Voting Schedule

Week One Semifinalists: Aug. 19-25
Week Two Semifinalists: Aug. 26-Sept. 1
Week Three Semifinalists: Sept. 2-8
Week Four Semifinalists: Sept. 9-15
Voting on 12 Finalists: Sept. 16-23

Rules and Regulations

Contestants must be 21 years of age or older and residents of North Texas.

And, obviously, easy on the eyes.

  1. Mercedes Owens Mercedes Owens
  2. Melissa Cordero Melissa Cordero
  3. Celina Abeyta-Barry Celina Abeyta-Barry
  4. Week 1
  5. Leslie Ezelle Leslie Ezelle
  6. Shilah Phillips Shilah Phillips
  7. Ivette Vargas Ivette Vargas
  8. Kindrela Tyson Kindrela Tyson
  9. Tiffanee Siri Ellman Tiffanee Siri Ellman