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Making Dallas Even Better

The 10 Most Beautiful Women in Dallas

How We Picked the Finalists:

We solicited nominations through, plus we threw in our own candidates. After looking through hundreds of nominations, and interviewing dozens of women, D Magazine editors narrowed the pool down to 20 semifinalists.

Video From the Interview

Samantha Cox

Age: 28
Occupation: Attorney
Why She's a Semifinalist: This attorney has beauty, brains, and a job she loves. “I get to work with the smartest people I know,” she says. Although the hours can be tough (you might find her at her desk at 2 a.m. on a Saturday night), she makes time to read books (historical fiction, please) and hang out with her girlfriends, boyfriend, and, most importantly, the love of her life—her dog Teddy. Aside from her canine, her biggest passion is educational charity work, which currently includes working with the Boys and Girls Club. “I have a similar background to the kids I work with,” she says. “Education played such an important part in my life, and I’d like to share that with as many kids as I can.”

Fun Fact: Samantha’s an avid comic book reader. “I read them on my iPhone,” she says. “You can get an app for it.” Her favorite is X-Men.