Whitney Drolen

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Age: 36
Occupation: News Anchor, CBS 11

Why She’s a Semifinalist: Whitney's story could be a movie. From winning her college tuition on Hollywood Squares (seriously) to taking her first job in West Virginia, where she slept in a sleeping bag because she couldn’t afford furniture, to recently celebrating her one-year anniversary as a reporter in Dallas, she’s got a tale to tell. These days you can catch the blond bombshell in your living room every morning, anchoring the news and reporting the traffic—does the slogan Rollin’ with Drolen ring a bell?—but by time the weekend comes, she’s ready to unwind and hang with friends. Whitney's job has moved her and rescue cat, Molly, around the country from Pittsburgh to Los Angeles, but she's calling Dallas her final stop. "Dallas has everything I was looking for," she says.

Fun Fact: With her shiny long locks, Whitney was a Finesse shampoo spokesmodel at 19.

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